Student Wellbeing

Our dedicated staff spend a great deal of time getting to know our students from orientation to graduation.

All students are provided with a teacher-mentor to work alongside all stakeholders in the student’s learning journey; working closely with the student, educators, parents and guardians, employer and industry partners to ensure the college and workplace learning needs of the student are catered for.

At CathWest we pride ourselves on offering holistic care for every individual student. Being a workplace of learning, students are supported in their endeavour to achieve their best and to actively contribute to the communities in which they live, learn and work. The college promotes a shared culture of ownership and responsibility through their Agreed Practices.

The college provides tailored support for students through their counselling service, diversity team and connections to external agencies. A multifaceted approach to learning and wellbeing ensures that students, mentors, teachers and families develop an individual learning pathway reflective of each student’s individual needs and desires.